Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daddy Moment Special Edition - Our Father's Day Celebration

Last Sunday, the whole “Baranggay” (that's how we call our big family) is at our parents’ house again to celebrate another special occasion - Father’s Day.  I gave my dad a card with a personal note in it, and my kids made a card, too, for their Papa.  As usual, the food was a feast!

My little boy was camera-shy that time...

It was also my hubby’s birthday that day, so it was an extra special day (a double celebration!) for my own little family.  I bought a giant greeting card for hubby and, with the help of my artsy daughter, we decorated it with some stickers, photos and personally-handwritten Father’s Day messages.  This served as our simple and somewhat personalized birthday gift and Father’s Day gift in one for hubby.  Actually, I knew what he’s been wanting to have, but I don’t know what exactly to buy and where to get the best bargain, so I just gave him my consent instead and told him to just buy one himself :-)

Our Father's Day (and Birthday) Giant Card

From the Kids
Some of the June celebrants in the family

June is the month with the most number of birthday celebrants in our “Baranggay”. So aside from my hubby, we also celebrated the birthday of other members in the family.  I bought an Oreo ice cream birthday cake for hubby for a change; had the traditional blowing of candles with the other June celebrants in the family, and then everybody feasted on the chocolate cake and ice cream cake for an afternoon snack.  OH, THE CALORIES!!! (LOL)  If Mom gave away nice bags to all the moms in the family last Mother’s Day, she also gave a Father’s Day gift to all the dads in the family last Sunday.  What gift?  Secret! (LOL)  But I’m definitely glad (and thankful) she gave that instead :-)

What a blessing to be able to spend a special Father's day with loved ones!  And thankful to God, too, for adding another year to the life of people close to my heart.

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  1. Belated Happy Father's Day to your other half.Thanks for visiting my Mommy Moments

  2. wow! what a very special celebration of the Father's Day!

    My entry is right HERE!

  3. a great day indeed! :D thanks for sharing it with us at Mommy Moments :)

    by the way, nice banner :)


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