Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beginning of Another Homeschool Year

Some of our homeschool materials
This week has been a very hectic week for me as my children and I have officially started our 3rd year of homeschooling.  Just like any other moms out there with school-aged children, I, too, kept myself busy with the nitty-gritty of preparing for the coming school year which, of course, includes the initial requirement of enrolling the children with a local homeschool provider located in Metro Manila, and as their “Teacher Mama”, choosing all the curricula that we can use this year, organizing our daily homeschool schedule, and planning for the activities that we can start with this week.

Playing and learning at the same time!
Since I now have 2 preschool children to teach, we kicked off our first two days of homeschool doing a review of some basic skills that my children learned last homeschool year.  Part of the review that we did was done through a game.  And since my little boy is now in Kinder, I am now trying to put more structure in our activities (without putting any pressure on him, I hope) and introducing a good curriculum which I hoped he will like.  And so far he’s enjoying it.  Thank God!

But beyond the academic preparations that I need to make, I think it is more important to prepare myself mentally, emotionally, physically, and most especially, spiritually for the call to homeschool.  As their teacher, I am not only responsible for teaching academic subjects to my children but, more importantly, imparting to them a lifestyle of a love for learning, love and respect for God, family and others as well as modeling Godly characters and responsible parenting to my children.  I know it’s a very tough job with a big responsibility laid on my shoulders.  It really takes a lot of commitment, love and sacrifice to do it.  And I know, too, that I cannot do it alone and rely on my own efforts and strength but to rely on friends and family for support and understanding (rather than opposition and discouragement) and to God, who called us in this ministry, for His grace, wisdom, strength, provision and everything else.  May God lead us in this journey…

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  3. Wow, 3rd year in homeschooling! I learned that I am not eligible to homeschool my kid because I'm not a college graduate. But I still like to teach my daughter as early as possible. She's only 2 years and 5 months old. Any tips on where to start and where to buy activity materials for her?

    By the way, visiting via WBFC. I'm your 68th GFC follower.

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    Have a wonderful Independence Day!

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  5. Hi Tess, that's a great job being a home-school teacher to your kids, it's tedious but very fulfilling, good luck!, thanks for following, followed back through GFC and NB.. :)

  6. Hi Mommy! I am also planning to homeschool my baby when the time comes :) Followed you as Pinayjade from WBFC 14. Hope you can follow back :) Have a good weekend!

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  9. Hi mommy, I am also trying to homeschool my kid, she is 3.5 "supposed" to be in nursery or pre-school according to the schools we consulted. I homeschool since I think she is still too young for everyday school. I still want her to learn though. Any advise where to get materials and where to start? Thanks!

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  14. Hi sis,

    I also started homeshooling my son when he was 2. It's pretty difficult to have 2 boys at home. Now, my eldest is 5 1/2 and goes to Grade 1. So I only have my 1 1/2 to prep for simple lessons at home. Still considering whether to homeshool next year. Will come back for more tips ;)

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  17. hi Tess! I know that you can be the best "teacher mama" to your 2 kids :) God has called you to this ministry and he will definitely equip you with whatever you need to fulfill your mission :)

    thanks for being an encouragement to me :)


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