Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trick and Treat at Seri Fantasy World and Manila Ocean Park

No, this post isn't about Halloween.  We've just entered a new year, and that occasion is too far to blog about! (LOL)  This is about the places our family recently have been to, where we definitely have been "tricked" and treated for some fun family bonding and learning experience!

Late last year, I was able to purchase some discount vouchers for Seri Fantasy World from Ensogo.  So when the holiday season was over this year and most people are back to work and school, we headed off to Manila Ocean Park, where Seri Fantasy World is located.

I think Seri Fantasy World is the country's first theme destination that offers unique and interesting attractions about the art and science of 3D technology.  Brought to the Philippines by the same developer of Seri World in Jeju Island, South Korea, Seri Fantasy World provides fun learning experiences through its educational and entertaining attractions like the Trick Art Museum, Mirror Maze, 3D Cinema Plus and Kids' Paradise.  I especially enjoyed our picture-taking in the Trick Art Museum, which is sort of an art gallery of 3-dimentional hand-painted art by famous artists from Korea.  The 3D optical illusions are very interesting and fun to look at when you have your picture taken with the art pieces.  Really nice art tricks they got there!

Ahh, ouch!
E.T. phone home...
These are all just trick art!
I was also amazed at the optical effects that the multiple glass panes created inside the Mirror Maze, when we had our pictures taken there.  Taking pictures at various angles of the mirror panes will reveal different effects.  Make sure, though, that your camera's flash is working perfectly as it is dark inside the maze, and the only way to get a good optical effect in your pictures is to have a bright flash.  It was also challenging and exciting for me and my companions finding our way out in the dark labyrinth of mirrors.  We were extra cautious not to walk fast as we might bump into our own reflections!  Exciting, isn't it?

While we did not switch places, photo effects change as our photographer & guide move from one angle to another.
More mirror effects
Great illusion!  See, I'm flying!

While my little boy became too sleepy that time, his big sister also had a fun time playing in the Kids' Paradise.

Since its establishment in the Philippines in 2010, I think Seri Fantasy World has not been getting much patronage from the local crowd and attention from the local media, not until I saw it was recently featured in "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho".  Tickets are sold separately for each attraction and are priced at P150 per person.  Hopefully, Seri will offer more promos and good online deals in the future so more Filipinos can enjoy and learn to appreciate 3D art and 3D technology.

Of course, we couldn't pass on the chance to visit Manila Ocean Park since we were already there!  Even though it's not as big as Sea World or Ocean Park in Hongkong, I think the Manila Ocean Park is comparable enough and good enough for the Filipinos to learn more about and appreciate the beauty and diversity of our country's marine life.

My little boy is such a fan of Mumble from the movie, "Happy Feet".  Since then, he's been fascinated with penguins.  So it was an exciting opportunity for him and us, too, to see real live penguins in the park's special holiday attraction called "Trails to Antarctica" and even get to feel how it is living in the -15o Antarctica through the "Snow Village".  Fortunately for us, we were able to catch the holiday live penguin attraction as I think it is now closed to the public.  But you can still avail of Manila Ocean Park's "Summer's Coolest Promo" and the upcoming "Chinese New Year Special"

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  1. I saw this trick art from a friend in Japan, surely looks fun!

  2. wow, fun photos and indeed a mommy moment, please do visit my share at http://www.prettysinglemom.com/2012/01/moment-moment-2.html, see yeah!!!

  3. what a fun day it was for the family! :D


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