Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trick and Treat at Seri Fantasy World and Manila Ocean Park

No, this post isn't about Halloween.  We've just entered a new year, and that occasion is too far to blog about! (LOL)  This is about the places our family recently have been to, where we definitely have been "tricked" and treated for some fun family bonding and learning experience!

Late last year, I was able to purchase some discount vouchers for Seri Fantasy World from Ensogo.  So when the holiday season was over this year and most people are back to work and school, we headed off to Manila Ocean Park, where Seri Fantasy World is located.

I think Seri Fantasy World is the country's first theme destination that offers unique and interesting attractions about the art and science of 3D technology.  Brought to the Philippines by the same developer of Seri World in Jeju Island, South Korea, Seri Fantasy World provides fun learning experiences through its educational and entertaining attractions like the Trick Art Museum, Mirror Maze, 3D Cinema Plus and Kids' Paradise.  I especially enjoyed our picture-taking in the Trick Art Museum, which is sort of an art gallery of 3-dimentional hand-painted art by famous artists from Korea.  The 3D optical illusions are very interesting and fun to look at when you have your picture taken with the art pieces.  Really nice art tricks they got there!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Birthday Food Trip at Soderno

(OK, I admit I was pretty busy during the holiday season.  But now I’m back updating my blog again and, hopefully, I get to catch up on all the stuff I want to write about, now that I have gotten over the holiday hullabaloo.  So here goes…)

Last December, hubby and I had a late-night date at The Soderno @ Molito, the newest weekend lifestyle market to hit south of Metro Manila.  It was actually my request from hubby to treat me to a date to celebrate my birthday since we rarely go out as a couple (minus the kids) these days.  It wasn’t a romantic candle-light dinner that other girls may dream about, though.  My adventurous spirit made me want to go on a food trip instead, since I’m such a ‘foodie’ and I like exploring new dishes in the kitchen.  When it comes to food, I’m fearless in exploring different kinds of food, trying out different flavors and specialties from all over the world.  And with the new trend of food bazaars and weekend lifestyle markets, I also want to discover the different “gimmicks” that other small-to-medium entrepreneurs are offering these days.  I was curious with Ortigas’ Banchetto and BGC’s Mercato Centrale weekend market, but haven’t gotten the chance to visit them yet.  So I got so excited when I learned last year that there’s one like Mercato that will be opening in Alabang, where I’m nearer.

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