Friday, May 20, 2011

My "Barangay's" Mother's Day Celebration

Other than birthdays, Christmas, New Year, my parents’ anniversary, Valentine and Easter, there are two more special occasions that my family celebrates, and these are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  (Oh, and I remember one more…Grandparents’ Day!)

Last May 8, the whole “Barangay” is at our parents’ house once again to have a different kind of Mother’s Day celebration.  I wrote “Barangay”, by the way, because that’s what we label our family since we’re big in number, quite an exaggeration, I know…but we’re really a bunch.  Anyway, I mentioned that this year’s Mother’s Day celebration in the family was kind of different from the previous years’ celebration mainly because Mom didn’t do any of the cooking, which is so not her.  Instead, we agreed that each of us (her daughters and daughters-in-law) would prepare a dish for her and the whole family – kind of like a pot bless - so Mom can just relax and take a day off from cooking.  For my contribution, very different from our usual Sunday get-together lunch menu, I decided to cook a Thai cuisine called Tom Yum soup, similar to the Filipino "sinigang" dish except that it’s spicier and is made up of shrimps and squids specially flavored with lemon, tomatoes, ginger and cilantro.  Even though may be a little bit of mucus oozed from their noses (LOL), many of the family members liked the soup’s spicy taste.  It’s actually a favorite soup of mine which I discovered from my frequent trips to Thailand in the past.  It’s just too bad I forgot to take a photo of my dish. :(

Anyway, here are some of our photos…

The celebration feast...with lobsters and more!  
Decorative photos of moms in the family
Moms in the family with our Mother dear (minus the moms abroad)
Kids and hubby didn't forget to greet me, of course.  And we gave Mom an apron with an “Iron Chef Mommy” label in front, which I personally conceptualized and made, because I think she’s a really good cook and I noticed before that she doesn’t have her own apron in the kitchen.  And this is what I got from Mom as a gift…

A really nice Guess ladies' bag, woohoo!
Love it!  Thanks again, Mom!  Don't I just love celebrating this special day for mothers!


  1. happy mother's day tess! what a great celebration.. i am sure your mom enjoyed it too!

  2. All I can say is WOW! I come from a small family and your post is just heartwarming, I love the party decor and the apron idea.

    Dropping by from

  3. wow! for sure you mommies enjoy so much. i like most those pictures in the stairs it's unique

    mines is up

  4. awww..that's a nice party for Mother's Day!I guess ganyan na rin ang gagawin namin on New Year's Day here in Japan para hinde masyadong pagod sa kitchen^_^

    Happy MM!

  5. I love gatherings like this...simple yet extra special because you have the family to celebrate with. I love those Mommy photos. Good job! Please check out my MM too. Thanks and happy weekend!

  6. It's really wonderful how closeknit your family is. It is also great to find a friend in your mom when you've also become a mom yourself.

    Hope you'll find time to visit my Mommy Moments entry! The Tottering Mama

  7. wow! talagang grand celebration naman dapat ang Mother's Day eh!

    Thanks for visiting my MommyMoments Entry

  8. sweet! ganda nang nang celebration...bongga! thanks for dropping by my FTF..followed your blog...hope you do the same...salamat!

  9. belated happy mother's day!

    You might want to join Mom-ME time. A new meme where you can share the ME-time that you recently had.

  10. That was a fun and exciting Mother's Day celebration! Belated Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! I hope you can visit my entry, too. Thanks!

  11. wow, such a great and lovely way to celebrate the occasion...where everyone's there, happy and having good time together! btw, i love the table and the decors around and the food, looks like its a feast! :) visiting late from MM and wishing you a great week!


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