Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: The 1st Philippine Homeschool Kids Fair

With proud Teacher Mama
Just last Saturday, my daughter and I attended the very first Philippine Homeschool Kids' Fair organized by HAPI, which stands for Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands.  It was a fun-filled day of celebrating the homeschool children's passion for music, arts and science.  And boy, was I amazed at the exhibit and performances of those children!

My daughter and I had to wake up early that day for the early ingress of the exhibit.  I drove all the way from Sta. Rosa, Laguna to Pasig City (Philippines) and back.  The weather was hot but perfect for the occasion.  It was a very tiring day for me and my daughter, but I must say it was really worth the effort joining in this momentous event.  Seeing once again some homeschool parents I know and meeting new acquaintances, viewing all the wonderful art displays and science projects of the children, looking at the educational books and toys and some yummy baked goodies of the kids, and watching the live performances of those very talented young children have all really made my day.

My 5-year old girl really loves arts and crafts.  She's always fond of drawing, painting and doing some crafts at home.  In fact, this summer she didn't want to enroll in any sport clinic or dance lessons.  So I enrolled her in an art and craft class, instead, which she really enjoyed.  For the homeschool kids' fair, she exhibited some of her art works which are a showcase of different art medium - water color, oil pastel, paint and collage.  Teacher Mama (that's me) chose the theme for her oil pastel and collage art works, which are about homeschooling and taking care of Mother Earth.

Here are some of my little angel's old art works (with pony theme) using water color.  I just picked out one to exhibit in the homeschool kids' fair.

And here are some snapshots of how she prepared for the exhibit...

And here are her art displays during the exhibit...

A Pony (using water color)
Home is Cool (using oil pastel)
Nurture Nature for Our Future (collage, paint and pastel)

More photos of the event...

"Mga Kababayan Ko"
Sisters' Act (a song number)
Michael Jackson Dance Medley
Violin Ensemble
Belly Dancing
Cool (Christian) Hip-hop Dance
Oil Pastel Series
Origami Art
Art Display from various students
Art and Cross stitch Display
Two 5-year old kids' Art Display
Here they are!
My little angel receiving her certificate of commendation from the HAPI Chairman
Yehey, congratulations, my princess!
She and her little brother are really enjoying these freebies - Story Box magazine and Clifford VCD

Congratulations to the organizers for putting up an event like this.  Here's looking forward to joining the next homeschool kids' fair next year.  It was indeed a great "Mommy and Me" time my daughter and I will never forget.  To God be the glory!


  1. Wow! What amazing pictures and what an incredible experience! I bet you're all very proud! :)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!

    Mommy & Me at my page, hope you can drop by.

  3. Thank you, Teacher Mama, for the blog post! God affirmed to us, homeschoolers, the unique talents of our disciples.

    Irma C.

  4. Nice artwork, Angel!

  5. Love the artwork...and what a fun day.

  6. So glad you were able to join HAPI's 1st Homeschool Kids' Fair! Now, HAPI will be having a 2012 Philippine Homeschool Conference on May 12. We hope you can come. We will be featuring key speakers who are homeschooling experts. Please visit http://hapihomeschooler.com/ for more details. Thank you!


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