Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY #1: Homemade Edible No-Cook Play dough

My little kids have always been fond of playing with clay.  And I find it a good exercise to develop their fine motor skills.  My artsy girl is especially interested in creating simple clay art pieces.  However, after several uses of their play dough, they usually harden when left exposed in the air for a prolonged time, which make them not moldable anymore.  And it just frustrates me when especially the expensive imported ones were not kept inside their containers and left exposed to harden.  I thought it’s a waste of money to keep on buying the expensive play dough when I discovered that you can in fact make one right in your own home using simple ingredients that are usually already available in your own kitchen.  Since then, I just make play dough at home, and I found it more fun making it with the kids!  What’s good about it, too, is that this play dough recipe is edible, no need to cook, and doesn’t easily harden.

The recipe for this simple homemade no-cook play dough calls for:

2 cups of all-purpose flour
1 cup salt
1 cup cold water
1 tbsp oil (any kind of edible oil is fine)
Food coloring

Drop all the ingredients in a mixing bowl except for the food coloring.  Mix them all together.  Divide the mixture into the number of play dough colors that you want to make.  Put drop(s) of the food coloring on each set.  Let your kids knead the dough until it’s all evenly colored.  Then use your homemade play dough for some modeling fun!  Enjoy!


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