Friday, September 9, 2011

A Trip to Cornerstone Pottery Farm

Last week, our homeschool group visited a pottery farm called Cornerstone Pottery Farm owned by husband and wife, EJ and Eva Espiritu, who happen to be homeschooling parents as well.  Their farm is situated in the cool highlands of Silang, Cavite, and is just about 500 meters away from another favorite farm of mine, Ilog Maria.  The ambiance is very peaceful and relaxing as the farm is situated in seclusion amidst the countless narra trees and coconut trees and bamboo shoots, and can be reached through a dirt road branching out from the main Aguinaldo Highway.  The cool, fresh breeze and the rural experience in Silang is where the Espiritus dwell and thrive in building their world-class products.

It was a different kind of experience for our group, especially for the children, because not only did we get to tour around the farm’s factory and learned a lot about the art of pottery-making...

...but the children also had a hands-on workshop from the owner himself, who is a certified Ceramic Engineer.

With a kilo of clay each, the children were able to apply the different techniques of pottery-making that they learned through the hands-on workshop, and had fun kneading and molding their clay to create their art pieces.   

I think it was a good opportunity for the children to extract their creative juices and exhibit their artistry through the pottery pieces that they made, no matter how weird or simple or intricate they may be.  And I think the moms and dads, too, had fun helping and were equally excited to come up with their children’s masterpieces.

It was a feast in the eye to see how a formless piece of clay is transformed into a beautiful work of art using the kick-wheel.

After the demonstration on how to do pottery using the kick-wheel, some of the bigger children got to personally experience making their own pottery pieces using the kick-wheel.  Totally cool!

Cornerstone Pottery Farm produces stoneware products for cafes and restaurants in the country.  They also create customized tabletops, corporate giveaways, spa amenities, and wedding souvenirs.  Their potteries are food-safe, lead-free and are produced in an ecologically safe manner.  They accept arranged field trips and pottery workshops for families or groups who may be interested to learn pottery or to simply find a bonding and relaxing moment with friends or loved ones.  You may visit Cornerstone Pottery’s website for more info.

I can’t wait to see our children’s finished potteries after they have been fired in the farm’s huge kiln.   

Likewise, I think the children’s “masterpieces” are a wonderful reminder of how our Own Maker and Potter molds us in His hands and transforms us into the kind of “masterpiece” He desires us to be.

“Yet, O Lord, you are our Father.  We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” – Isaiah 64:8

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  1. we had a great time too tess! cant wait to see the finished products too! :D


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