Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Recent "Homeschool" Family Field Trips

Our children are young, and they still have a lot of places and opportunities to explore.  Most of the time, my husband and I bring them to places that they have not visited yet.  And as a homeschooling family, we occasionally do our own family “field trips”.  My husband and I intentionally bring our children to places where they could find opportunities to learn and explore, at the same time, enjoy and have fun.

Here are some snapshots of recent field trips that we had as a family:

First, the Science Discovery Center in SM Mall of Asia to expose the kids to the different wonders of science...
After watching a short film inside the Planetarium, we somehow felt how it was being in outer space. Cool!
The kids enjoyed watching this robot play the electric keyboard.
In another occasion, we brought them to a local zoo called Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal.

Picture, picture, of course!
With Trixie, the cute and friendly orangutan...
Unfortunately, we're not that brave to feed the big cats!
So these are what we fed, instead - guinea pigs! (LOL)
Another field trip that we had this year was last summer - in Subic!

Kids' first time in Ocean Adventure
Enjoyed looking at all the beautiful creatures of the sea...
"Olongapo Jones" - one of the many live shows that we watched over at Ocean Adventure. Kids had a blast!
Just as one homeschool advocacy says “the world is your child's classroom”.  And how I wish we could really make the world our big classroom!  We are praying for God’s provision that we will be able to travel abroad as a family in the near future.  In the mean time, we have more to explore here in our own beautiful country. 

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  1. Those are very educational family trips you had here, Mommy! I'm sure your kids enjoyed visiting these places. Here's my MM entry:

  2. i think it's my first time here...and the photos you have here are the places i want my son and my family to visit... well, one of these days... was here for late MM visit.

  3. Wow!!! Another homeschooling family here! How nice... I am new to homeschooling kasi. My daughter is just starting her Advanced Kindergarten Curriculum and I am happy to have landed on your page! :) Great trips by the way-- perfect for academic learning as homeschoolers! :)

    Visiting late for MM sharing my 8 STATES IN ONE TRIP moment! Thanks and I hope to see you! :)

  4. Hi! Dropping by from your TBE group. Thanks for sharing your family trips, what a great way to bond with your family while learning about stuff & having fun! Hope we could also visit those wonderful places you've visited.

    followed you both on GFC & Networked blogs. Hope you could return the favor! Thanks! :)
    find us on Facebook:

  5. Hi! I just joined your TBE community! I love having friends and joining interesting groups like this. Please me for I am new. I'll be very glad to be part of it. God bless your family!

    -Ronadelle @


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