Friday, July 22, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Stores

I’m not really a “shopaholic” person.  As much as possible, I try to buy only what I or my family need, and I mean this of course falls within the categories of food, shelter and clothing, and to add one more, education.  Gone were the days that I splurge on shopping for myself ever since we had children.  I guess I’m the kind of person who would prefer to be lazing in the beach or savoring the quietness of nature than being in the crowded malls.  The grocery store is, of course, the only store we commonly go to for obvious reasons.  But there are simply some specialty stores that I really love going to for great finds, quality service, and for personal/family health care.  And let me just share them to you today – my top 5 favorite stores!  Unfortunately, I don’t have any photo of me and my family in any of these stores, but I can share to you the links to their website, in case you get interested, too.

In random order, my top 5 favorite stores are:

1.  Healthy Options – A one-stop-shop for most of my and my family’s health care needs and some natural & organic grocery items that I can’t find anywhere else.  Healthy Options carries a wide variety of brands and products, from personal care, natural health and medicines, and grocery items that are all-natural, organic and additives-free.  As a Healthy Options member, you do not only get points every time you shop but you also get to enjoy an instant rebate of P50.00 for every single receipt purchase of worth P1,000.00, which you can right away use on your next transaction.

2.  Ilog Maria – Ilog Maria is actually a honey bee farm located in the highlands of Silang, Cavite.  All their honey bee products are sold in a store located only in their farm.  And here is where I buy my supply of raw honey, of course, and bee propolis products and other honey bee products.

3.  Organikka – From the name itself, you would get an idea that it’s something ‘organic’.  Yup, it’s an organic store where I get my supply of organic eggs, organic chicken, and organic green tea.  Here is also where I can buy raw honey, whenever I don’t get the chance to drive all the way to Silang, Cavite.  While Healthy Options mostly carries imported products and do not sell fresh meats and grains, the Organikka store sells frozen fresh organic chicken, organic pork and beef, organic eggs as well as organic brown rice and red rice.  It also carries locally-manufactured organic drinks, organic teas and raw honey.  The store is also expanding its product line which now includes locally-made natural & organic personal care products like soaps and shampoos.  So far, Organikka has 2 branches – 1 in Sta.Rosa, Laguna and 1 in South Supermarket Alabang, if I’m not mistaken.

4.  Booksale – This is one bookstore where I and my family find really great books at a bargain price.  Here is where I get our collection of Dr. Seuss books, Magic School Bus books, and The Berenstein Bears books, among others, that I read to my children.  Books sold here, though, are mostly second-hand books that’s why they are cheap.  But that’s ok with us for as long as the book is readable, which most of the store’s books are.  There’s another bookstore like Booksale that also sells cheap first-hand and second-hand books that I also like, and that is Chapters & Pages.

5.  Rustan’s – Alright now, I did say earlier I’m not a ‘shopaholic’, but why is Rustan’s one of my favorites?  The name Rustan’s is known for luxury retail shopping.  It is Philippines’ home to the world’s most premier and sought after brands that are of high quality.  Compared to other department stores, I like the store’s relaxing ambiance and clean facilities and professional, friendly customer service.  One can relax and grab a bite in the store’s lounge/café area while waiting for something or someone or simply killing time.  The store also has a Concierge (like in a hotel!) always ready to assist customers with their shopping and transportation needs.  This is one great store where you can really splurge, if you have the money, of course!

There are other stores that I also like, and I hope to blog about them, too, one of these days.  And in case I might stumble upon more stores that would also interest me in the near future, I will let you know about it, too.  But for now, these are my top 5.

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  1. wow, ang dami:) i love booksale too :)

    happy MM!

    hope to see you there!

  2. wow! great selection....lawak nang bookstore...:)

  3. Those are really nice places to visit. Booksale is also one of my fave places to buy books for my son. Happy MM, and thanks for dropping by.

  4. Great stores it seems! I am only familiar with Rustan's as I hail from Mindanao. :)

    Visit my GROCERY SHOPPING POST, too, if you got a chance! Thanks!

  5. Healty Options is nice din..dyan ako bumibili dati ng Earth's Best hehe. Here's my share. Happy MM.

  6. same here I also love book sale or book shop but i think book shop is more cheaper. thanks for the visit

  7. great post tess! :D thanks for joining us again this week! :D


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