Monday, May 30, 2011

For Moms #2 - Want to Get Rid of Your Flabby Belly Fat?

To continue my month-long special topics dedicated to mothers, I think here’s another interesting topic that is a common concern to all mothers who have given birth.  Well, after giving birth twice via C-section, it’s kind of a personal concern of mine, too.  Although I’m proud to say that I have lost a lot of weight (and fats, too!) since I last gave birth 4 years ago, there’s still a bit of this fat in my belly that I need to work on.  Yeah, this stubborn fat on the lower stomach can really be embarrassing and frustrating especially when you are trying to wear tight pants or swim suit (especially 2-piece) or anything tight and body-hugging.

Of course, we know that one of the helpful benefits of breastfeeding is contracting the mother’s uterus to help her get back into shape sooner.  And this is one great natural remedy to shrinking down the belly faster.  But most of the time, during the course of pregnancy, we tend to gain more weight, thus gaining more of those unwanted fats especially the gawky fat in our belly.  This flabby belly fat is also called “mother’s apron” because the fat deposits make the lower stomach hang down over the pelvis like an apron!  It is more widespread in mothers who have undergone a cesarean birth.  Losing this unwanted “apron-like” fat may not be easy, but with sheer determination to go on a proper diet and regular exercise, you may see some positive outcome on regaining a more fit body and toned belly.  Here are some interesting sites that you can visit to help you get rid of this stubborn flabby belly fat:

I think the secret in having a fit and healthy body lies in one’s determination and discipline.  It is ineffective to target only trimming down one portion of the body, so it is best to work on the body as a whole.


  1. Belly fat is also a problem for me, as I too had a C-section.

  2. I've had a normal v-delivery but got my flabby tummy from a surgery. I can't seem to shed it off. Will check out your links. Thanks!

    Dropping by from TBE. =)


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