Friday, April 22, 2011

Make Your Child a Habitat Hero

Today, April 22, is Earth Day.  Here in the Philippines, however, the celebration of Earth Day has been postponed to a later date, on April 25, if I’m not mistaken, to give way to the country’s observance of the Holy Week.  In essence, however, I think everyday should be Earth Day.  We can help save Mother Earth in our own individual gestures or “acts of green”, no matter how simple or intricate they may be, and incorporating them in our everyday lifestyle.

From Habitat Heroes website

As parents, I believe it is also our social responsibility to help our children understand about their place in the world, how to be more environmentally aware and socially responsible for their actions towards their environment.  And here’s a fun and creative way to help our children understand their environment and the different habitats in the world – through Habitat Heroes!  Habitat Heroes is a social networking website that educates and inspires children about social and environmental issues affecting our planet in a factual but fun format.  Children take on the persona of an endangered specie while playing games and learning about the different countries and habitats of the world.  You or your child can register for a free and unlimited access to this educational and fun website.  Aside from learning about some of the different countries of the world and creating their own habitat, children also get to learn cool stuffs like planting trees, animal rescue, rainforest rescue, global greening, global warming, and recycling, among others, through games and factual information.  More games can be played in the “School Safari” as well as more educational materials about environmental topics like Biodiversity, Climate Change, Eating Healthy Foods, Environmental Disasters, Marine Life, and Recycling can be found there.

Environmental topics you will find in the School Safari

So why don’t you head on now to the Habitat Heroes website...and make your child a habitat hero in the real sense of the word.

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