Saturday, April 30, 2011

Find Time for Yourself

"If you don’t find time for yourself, the time you have left for others will be less than it could be. Go for a walk, lock yourself in the bathroom, pull over on the side of the road, stop long enough to just be quiet and listen to yourself breathe for a few minutes. Even 5 minutes is better than nothing."

Courtesy of "Begin with Yes" Facebook Fan Page

What a wonderful reminder, isn't it?  A lot of times we are so caught up with our duties and responsibilities, be it at work or at home, that we always forget to find time for ourselves.  Too busy for others, but not for yourself... Are you in that situation right now?  This inspiring message reminds us the importance of finding time to be alone by yourself even for just a few minutes, to take time to slow down, pause...and breathe!  This I learned from Paul S. Boynton, author of the book "Begin with Yes".

As for me, my "alone time" is when I do my daily devotions in the morning, when I lock myself inside a room without the noise and fuss of the children and simply reading God's Word and spending time in prayer.  Because I am educating my little preschoolers at home (you know how preschoolers are!), I need to have a lot of patience, strength, creativity and wisdom to get through our homeschooling day.  I noticed that without starting my day right and spending an "alone time", it seems like the rest of my day becomes disorganized and unproductive.  Indeed, there's power in prayer and in finding time for oneself.

In case you're pursuing or doing too many things in one day, chances are you are getting into a lot of stress.  So if you think you're going through a lot of stress, remember to take time to slow down, better yet stop, find time for yourself...and breathe deeply even for just a few minutes!  It may not only improve your health, but it could also save your life...

Have a great weekend!

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  1. this is very nice.. and i think this is what i really need, TIME for myself..


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