Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another New Beginning

Hhmmm...How to begin is usually the hardest part for me in writing. In the realities of life, in almost everything, beginnings are usually difficult but exciting. I remember all my bitter sweet beginnings - my tiny little steps as a baby, my first day in school, first job, falling in love and getting married, moving in to a new house, giving birth and raising children. And now that I am a full-time housewife and mother, I am thrilled to have found another new "beginning" in my life, and that is blogging!

I have always wanted to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences, especially how God has been moving in my day-to-day life, to others but I just do not have the knack in public speaking nor in expressing myself very well in the oral language. I guess I am more comfortable and better in expressing myself in writing. This is me. Not so much of a talker but a writer. Ever since I was young, I have always been fond of writing in my diary. Being a part of the editorial staff of my high school and college then was challenging but exciting, too. I guess that's where my writing skills were honed. So I guess this new venture of mine in blogging would be another exciting one for me, as well. A great venue where I hope to share, to inspire and even to educate...all for the glory of God!

Still learning about this thing about blogging, but hopefully with God's help and wisdom, I will get into the groove of things here and learn, haha!  So watch out for my next posts sometime soon.


  1. wow, you have a new blog pala! :D i followed you na :D

    i also read most of your posts na din..

    i am on the look out for art classes for my kids too..

  2. thanks so much, chris! pls turuan mo ako ha. i have a lot of questions re blogging. i know you're more "veteran" in this area. also, let me know if you find an art class nearer our place. thanks again!


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